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Terms and conditions

Tasks and crafts Guidelines

Welcome to Tasks & Crafts your leading tutor in anything crafty. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not understand any part of the document feel free to contact us via a contact form. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions and usage policy please do not use this platform.

Usage policy

Tasks and Crafts is an educational platform for learning and practising various crafts meant to improve the lives of users. The crafts placed and courses are placed by tutors whom we have deemed or have been deemed by the public or by certified institutions as having enough knowledge to partake in the tutoring of certain subjects and endeavours. Since majority of the crafts that are in the platform are not certifiable by international standards ‘such as bicycle riding’, our tutors are not necessarily certificate holders in their fields but rather individuals who have proven their skill either through one on one interviews or through performance videos. However, in areas that require high technical knowhow certificates are required from the tutors.

Unlimited knowledge can be acquired by our users. The knowledge acquired should be put into good use to advance the lives of the users without negatively impacting others. We are not responsible for any damage caused by our users in the use of the platform or in the use knowledge gained in the platforms use. We therefore advice users to creatively and selectively use the acquired knowledge and skill to improve their lives and not to damage the lives of others.

Tutors Policy

Tutors are teachers who have partaken in teaching and crafting the arts that they pass on to others. Teachers earn a payment on view of their courses based on the viewership of this courses and the link out they make. To become a tutor, you apply through a become a tutor form or contact us via email. Certain proof may be required to prove that the tutor is indeed capable of passing on knowledge or skill to our users. The proof may be a certificate or video of your prowess and is dependant on the skill you want to teach or mentor. Once your proved to be a worthy instructor your account will be advanced to allow you to create courses and communicate with the users as a tutor. Tutors have the power to upload material on the website to assist their students to learn further. Tutors Must follow this rule lest they risk termination of their accounts;

  1.  Tutors MUST NOT upload any illegal file, image or video to the platform.
  2. Tutors MUST NOT upload any file that may be contain material or code that would affect the security of the platform.
  3. Tutors MUST NOT upload or embed any pornographic or graphical images, videos or files to the platform or this will lead to an immediate blocking of their accounts.
  4. Tutors are to stick to the topic of tutoring in which they are registered to be masterful in. If tutors wish to expand their horizons, they should notify the administration of Tasks & Crafts before doing so.
  5. Tutors are to use respectful language when addressing their classes free from bias and insult of any kind. We live in a sensitive society so we ourselves must be sensitive.

Note: Content uploaded is first reviewed and therefore must meet our standards before going live.

Tutors earnings

Tutors earn a variable amount of money form their courses. The amount of money earned is based on the number of views and the direct nature of the views. The amount is payable weakly or monthly by default. To change the payment pattern from monthly please contact the admin via email. The payment address either bank account will also have to be communicated on request and confirmed during withdrawals. We use Pay Pal to facilitate international transactions.

How payment is calculated.

We allow our subscribed members to have a viewing of a certain number of courses so if the subscribed member chooses to view your course, we shall transfer a portion of their subscription fee to your account. The portion to be transferred is dependant on the number of courses viewed by the user that month.

For courses that are on sale for certain amounts of money, 60% – 80% (depending on the weight of the course on our servers) of the earning goes to the tutors.

For Example; A tutor with one course going for 10 dollars and having a thousand purchases each month could earn 8,000 dollars each month and make 96,000 dollars each year plus bonuses of on average 20,000 dollars from subscription members views totalling to earnings of $116,000, Passive income.

Imaging having 5 courses with the same stats you could make $500,000.

The beauty of Tasks and Crafts if that anyone can be a tutor. We would like to believe that everyone has mastered a practical aspect of life that is worth teaching and learning. The challenge may be in organising what you teach, or how to teach it, do not worry we shall assist you in the process and help you make your lessons inspiring at whatever topic. The other challenge would be in marketing your courses, we shall also help with that, and we shall make for you wonderful clips and graphics that we shall share and that we shall give you to share with your community and friends. Remember to share the topic with as many people as possible.

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